Business Travellers are required to apply for a Vietnam Business visa to work in Vietnam.

The business visa does not require a sponsorship or invitation letter from a Vietnamese business partner if the visa is applied online. Please note that you are required to provide a proof of sponsor from the company if you apply the visa through Vietnam Embassy.

VisaExplorer provides Business visa up to 3 months, please kindly contact us if you plan to stay longer (up to 1 year).

Document checklist for Vietnam business visa:

  1. Visa Approval Letter (Sample)
  2. 2 passport-sized 4x6cm photos
  3. Visa Application Form (included in the email) and fill in all your details. (download)
  4. Visa stamping fee (by cash in USD)

Application Process:


Go to the visa application page and fill in your details:

  • Full name – Same as in passport
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of arrival
  • Type of Visa


Prepare your documents:
Depending on the processing time, you will receive the official visa approval letter by email. You are required to:

  • Print out the visa approval letter. (Sample)
  • Prepare 2 passport-sized 4x6cm photos
  • Print out the visa application form (included in the email) and fill in all your details. (download)
  • Prepare the visa stamping fee (by cash in USD)


Get your Vietnam Visa:
When you arrive the airport, please head to the Landing VISA (VOA) Counter and present the followings:

  • The visa approval letter
  • 2 passport-sized 4x6cm photos
  • The visa application form
  • Visa stamping fee (by cash in USD)

Vietnam business visa fee:

Type Of VisaApproval Letter fee (USD)Stamping Fee (USD)
1 Month – Single EntryUSD $60USD $25
1 Month – Multiple EntryUSD $60USD $50
3 Month – Single EntryUSD $80USD $25
3 Month – Multiple EntryUSD $90USD $50
  • Normal processing time is 2 working days
  • Additional USD $5 is charged for urgent visa processing service – 1 working day

If you have any question about Vietnam Visa, please find more information at our visa information or simply contact us.

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